March 15th, 2011 – Reactor 2 might have crack in pressure vessel – In critical condition

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From:Saverot, Pierre
Sent:Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:00 AM
To:Day, Neil
Subject:FW: 1 F-4 Fire, 1 F-2 explosion: BWR update
Attachments:List of Power Plants (BWR) Earthequake 3- 1 5.xls; 1 F picture.doc

from a friend in Japan…

Following is summary of today’s events.

2. About 9:30 am 1 F-4 fire at reactor building. It is extinguished now.

The cause of the fire is unknown. Two big holes (8m square ?) are on the wall of the building.

We are afraid of any effect on the fuel in the spent fuel pool.

3. About 7 am 1 F-2 exploded after possibly dry out (short period) of fuel.

This explosion might cause crack in the pressure vessel

Sea water injection succeeded and getting stable. However water level under the top of the fuel

4. Radiation level 11 mSv/hr at the gate (9 am ) due to the #3 and #4 accidents. 0.4mSv/hr

People in 20 km from site are evacuated and people in 20-30 km are requested stay inside the house.

5. 1F-5/6 temperature (of what?) is slightly increasing.

We do not know whay? I hope it is not serious

6. As awhole:

Unit 1-3: Sea water injection. But not enough water to cover fuel

1 F-2 is still in critical status.

Unit 4-6 : Cooling by regular water (including fuel pool)

I think if we can keep water injection tonight, it will become under control condition soon.

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