March 16th, 2011 – That is no excuse Mike – The agency needs help

From: Sheron, Brian
Senti Tuesday, March 15, 2011 5:27 PM
To: Coyne, Kevin; Case, Michael; Coe, Doug; Correia, Richard; Gibson, Kathy; Lui, Christiana; Richards, Stuart; Sanglmlno, Donna-Marie; Scott, Michael; Uhle, Jennifer; Valentin, Andrea
Subject: IRC Staffing

I participated on a conference call with other ODs and led by Michele Evans, acting deputy OD in NSIR at 4 pm today.

The purpose of the conference call was to discuss staffing for the IRC for the near future. The IRC is currently staffed with members of the Reactor safety team, the Protective Measures team, Liaison Team, etc. There is also an ET member there. None of the teams are at their full compliment. What Michele is looking for is people that can staff the IRC and relieve the staff that are currently there. She said they are currently running 3 shifts (1 lpm-7am, 7am – 3pm, and 3pm to 11 pm). They would like to find staff that can work shifts for 4 days in a row (I think she wants 4 days on, 3 days off). She said the staff do not have to have had IRC training.

Several of us said we would certainly canvas our staff to see who was qualified to work in the IRC and could work there, but we needed to know what technical disciplines they were looking for. Michele did not have a list of needed disciplines, but said she would generate one and send it out. As of 5:15 pm I have not received a list

However, I am assuming they will be looking for staff with expertise in such areas as systems analysis, severe accidents, radiological dose assessment, etc. In anticipation that these are the technical disciplines of interest, can you please start identifying your staff that you believe have some of the requisite skills needed for the IRC, and start asking if they would be available to work shifts in the IRC if asked to. HR said they would be eligible for normal overtime compensation.

Also, they will be looking for staff to go to Japan and relieve the technical staff that recently went there. There were 2 BWR experts that left over the weekend, and a team of 9 more (6 engineers and 3 QIP staff) left yesterday. The thinking is that the staff that recently went over would come back In 2 weeks, which is when they want to send a replacement team over there. So please check to see if you have any staff with the proper technical credentials, are reasonably good communicators, and would be willing to spend about 2 weeks in Japan as part of the team there.

I will forward the list of desired disciplines as soon as I receive them from Michele. Michele said she will be looking for the list of potential IRC replacements by COB tomorrow (3/16/11), thus, I will need your candidates by mid-afternoon.

For the team that will replace the one that was just sent to Japan, she said she would like us to update the list we previously sent by COB 3/17.


From: Sydnor, Russell
Sent; Wednesday, March 16, 2011 7:44 AM
To: Betancourt, Luls; Birla, Sushil; Burton, Thomas; Concepcion, Milton; Dion, Jeanne; Halverson, Derek; Hardin, Leroy;
Rebstock, Paul; Sturzebecher, Karl; Waterman, Michael; Yang, Yaguang
Subject: FW: IRC Staffing
Importance: High

The agency is looking for some more staff to help relieve the burden on the folks supporting the NRC’s response to the incidents in Japan. I am not sure they are looking for our discipline, but if any of you think you could support this let me know today by noon.

Russell Sydnor
Branch Chief
[email protected]


Fromr: Dion, Jeanne
Sent:,•Wednesday, March 16, 2011 9:38 AM
TO: Sy,,&nr,.Russell; Betancourt, Luis; Birla, Sushil; Burton, Thomas; Concepcion, Milton; Halverson, Derek; Hardin,
Leroy; ke6bck,,Paul; Sturzebecher, Karl; Waterman, Michael; Yang, Yaguang
Subject RE:kIRC Staffing

I’m acting as FOTA this week and have some info on the expertise they need in the IRC.

Liaisons Team

LT director
LT coordinator
LT federal liaison
LT congressional Liaison
LT international liaison

Protective measure teams

PMT director
PMT coordinator
PMT protective actions assistant director
Radiological assessment assistant Director
Dos Assessment (RASCAL)
RASCAL developer
PMTR Geographical information systems
PMTR meteorologist

Reactor Safety Team

RST director
RST coordinator
Severe accident/ PRA
BWR expert
RST comm./ ERDS operator
RST support (seismology Q&A)


From:. Waterman, Michael
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:10 AM
To: Olon, Jeanne; Sydnor, Russell; Betancourt, Luis; Birla, Sushil; Burton, Thomas; Concepcion, Milton; Halverson, Derek;
Hardin, Leroy; Rebstock, Paul; Sturzebecher, Karl; Yang, Yaguang
Subject: RE: IRC Staffing


I’m a PWR person, so this leaves me out



From: Birla, Sushil
Sent: Tuesday, March 16, 2011 10:36 AM
TO0 aq,,,”Michael; Dion, Jeanne; Sydnor, Russell; Betancourt Luis; Burton, Thomas; Concepcion, Milton;
Hatversfo• erek; Hardin, Leroy; Rebstock, Paul; Sturzebecher, Kad; Yang, Yaguang
Subject: RE: [RC Staffing


That Is no excuse, Mike.

W” and “R” make up two-thirds of what they need… or may, be even more…



Sushil Birla (phonetically Su-sheel)
Senior Technical Advisor – Digital Instrumentation and Control
Office of Nuclear Regulatory Research, Mail Stop C5-A24M
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
21 Church Street, Rockville, MD 20850, USA
Phone: 301-251-7660.0
Fax: 301-251-7425
Email address: [email protected]
PostoI 8ddýess. Mail Stop C5-A24M, Washington DC 20555-0001
It’s t Me to’meet: httg:I/www. internal. nrc.Qov/news/nrcreporter/201 WOrofnles/Su.hil-Birla.html


From: Waterman, Michael
Sent: Wednesday, March 16, 2011 10:52 AM
To: Birla, Sushil; Dion, Jeanne; Sydnor, Russell; Betancourt, Luis; Burton, Thomas; Concepcion,
Milton; Halverson, Derek; Hardin, ‘Leroy; Rebstock, Paul; Sturzebecher, Karl; Yang, Yaguang
Subject: RE: IRC Staffing
Attac 6 ments: image001.gif

It is true the “W” and “R” are the same for both generic designs. However, there are 13 letters in the alphabet between “B” and “P”, which leaves a lot of room for totally different acronyms.

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