Reactor 4 SFP dry, fuel uncovered, Radiation levels outside unit 30R/hour after fire

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Unit 4

  • 6 Unit was in a refueling outage at the time of the event and core was off loaded to the SFP
  • First fire in the reactor building was a small generator lube oil fire. IAEA reports that fire was put out at 2200 EDT, March 14.
  • Radiation levels 150-1000 mrem/hour at 1000 EDT on March 16. 2011. at site -gate. (Site gate is same for each unit.)
  • Second fire began at 1645 EDT, March 15, 2011 in reactor building. Fuel reported to be uncovered.
  • Radiation level outside Unit 4 reported to be 30R/hour following second fire.
  • High radiation dose rates measured between Units 3 and 4, source is suspected to be the Unit 4 spent fuel pool.
  • The spent fuel pool’s ability to retain water is in doubt, no steam – likely dry.

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