October 6th, 2010 – SOARCA Brief

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From: Weber, Michael
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 6:43 PM
To: Brock, Kathryn
Cc: Frazier, Alan; Bowman, Gregory; Sheron, Brian; Lyons, James; Andersen, James; Mamish,
Nader; Virgilio, Martin; Borchardt, Bill; Leeds, Eric; Pederson, Cynthia; Johnson, Michael;
Holahan, Gary
Subject: RESPONSE – SOARCA brief

Excellent! Thanks, Kathryn

From: Brock, Kathryn
Sent: Wednesday, October 06, 2010 1:36 PM
To: Weber, Michael; Bowman, Gregory
Cc: Frazier, Alan
Subject: SOARCA brief

Just some notes from the SOARCA brief:
* RES staff
o RES briefed Commissioners Magwood and Ostendorff on SOARCA today.
o Things started quite slowly because staff lingered on the background a bit, but the information was well received.
o Noted~that the large time margins (time to core damage, lower head failure, release to environment) were a significant new element from the last study
o Noted that the individual risk factors of E-4 are much smaller than the safety goal of E-6
o Noted that mitigation is likely and that all but 1 calculation for early fatalities came out to zero.
The one was the people within 2 miles of the reactor that elect not to evacuate.

* Commissioner Magwood
o Interested in learning more about the scenarios used at Surry and Peach
o Asked if we would ever get to a place where we would reevaluate the size of EPZs.
o Asked about external peer reviews for the study
o Asked about how aircraft scenarios were incorporated – the staff will have some additional info to send up.

* Commissioner Ostendorff
o Discussed concern about using too much over-conservatism
o Said that if we don’t apply actual operations data as a feeder into the assumptions or inform the study than the study can lose credibility
o Asked about the staff expectations by the Federal Gov’t of how we will tell the public that it is ok to go home after they have evacuated. Need to discuss with Federal partners. He cited Katrina as an example… he was on a working group that looked at this before coming to NRC so this seems to be a personal subject for him.
0 I listened to a side-bar conversation where a couple TAs were expressing concern about the plan in the CA note to combine the PRA and SOARCA. They stated that it would be nice to just finish SOARCA.

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