94% of Polish vote to reject construction of nuclear power station in municipality

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Residents of popular Baltic Sea resort Mielno, one of three sites shortlisted to host Poland’s first nuclear plant early in the next decade, on Sunday voted overwhelmingly against the plan.

Some 94 percent of the 2,389 people who took part in the referendum opposed the plant, and only 5 percent supported it, Mielno Mayor Olga Roszak-Pezala told Reuters late on Sunday.



“People are very determined not to have the nuclear plant here,” the Mayor added.  On the day of the ballot, many buildings in Mielno were placarded with ‘vote no’ posters. Some participants of a polar bear plunge, an event taking place simultaneously in Mielno over the weekend, also protested against nuclear power.

Poland’s centrist government plans to launch a pro-nuclear public campaign in March.



Source: Reuters

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