Experts find Hamaoka Nuclear power generation more costly than thermal power or hydro

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According to a independent panel of experts, power generation at Chubu Electric Power Co.’s  Hamaoka nuclear plant costs more than that at its thermal power plants.  The estimated 9.78 yen per kilowatt-hour cost exceeds a minimum cost of 8.9 yen the national government has estimated for nuclear power plants.

The cost of power generation comes to an estimated 9.78 yen per kilowatt-hour for the nuclear plant in Omaezaki, Shizuoka Prefecture, compared with 9.37 yen for thermal power plants and 7.74 yen for hydroelectric power plants, according to a report released by Wednesday by the panel of the central Japan prefecture.

The estimates are based on the examination of Chubu Electric’s financial statements for the past 40 years–from fiscal 1970 to fiscal 2010.

Source: JIJI Press


The estimate for the Hamaoka plant does not include the cost of compensation in case of an accident.

The findings ratify panel findings last December when a government panel announced estimates showing that nuclear power generation costs less than thermal power generation or the use of renewable energy even after accident compensation is taken into account.


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