TEPCO hoping equipment will bring the radiation in contaminated water below legal level for release into the sea

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Radioactive water leaks have repeatedly surfaced at Fukushima Daiichi, and recent flyovers have revealed thousands of tanks to store contaminated water lined in sprawled masses across the site.  In a UN conference this week, TEPCO announced that it will install a new machine to remove radioactive materials from the contaminated water in the reactor buildings.  TEPCO is hoping that the new equipment will lower the amount of radiation in the water to allow the utility to release it in the ocean, but a Ministry of Economy and Industry official said “we are discussing with the local inhabitants etc. to decide whether we will actually do it”.

The water which has been used to cool the melted fuel in the reactors is able to remove more radioactive isotopes than the current equipment that TEPCO is using, including Strontium.  The new equipment will not lower water levels enough to handle all of the additional contaminated water that will be created to cool the reactors, therefore TEPCO will also install more storage tanks for an additional 40,000 tons of water storage by April.

TEPCO will also plan to carry out a new mission to explore the inside of the Reactor 2 containment vessel through use of an endoscope during the last ten days of March.  TEPCO is planning a much longer mission time then the first mission into the crippled reactor, which only provided 30 minutes of video footage, with the goal of determining the actual water levels inside of the reactor.  TEPCO had originally stated that the water in the reactor was lower than expected in the reactor, but recent problems with temperature gauges have left many questioning the state of cold shutdown.

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