Tokyo Bay residents worried as concentrations of radioactivity found in riverbed

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Near the mouth of the Sumida River in Arakawa-ku, flowing into the Tokyo Bay, the Ministry of the Environment has been testing the concentration of radioactivity in water and mud of the riverbed.  The Ministry of the Environment is set to publish the results of a survey on the end of March.  Initial tests showed some concentrations which alarmed residents and caused them to worry about eating fish from the rivers and bay areas.



According to the Ministry of the Environment, radioactive material was released at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident are carried on the wind, with rain drops to the Kanto Plain, entering the river.

Experts have pointed out that there is a possibility that radioactive material was also introduced into the bay through the narrow portions of rivers that feed into the bay where the radioactivity could collect and could potentially be found in highly concentrated portions of the seabed.



Source: Yomiuri


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