United States was well aware of high radiation and contamination from Fukushima – Official Docs

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New docs show contamination was much higher than reported, but piles of data were secretly transmitted and analyzed by United States, Russia, China, and Japan.

Fukushima Radiation Levels Plant Status and SPEEDI Data

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    We are now are being ruled by those in Nuclear Denial*; instead of by Leaders that demand an end to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­er RISK that Nuclear poses to mankind! The nuclear industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain it’s market share; yet NOW Solar (of all flavors) is far less costly to construct, faster to construct and carries with it N☢ Nuclear radioactiv­e baggage that can kill a Countries economy and or those living nearby!
    Ask The Japanese!

    *Nuclear Denial
    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!
    Remember Nature does not follow design basis calculations or even engineering RISK formulas…

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    ho for nuclear they could be carbon copies of the ignorant TSA agents, but
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    I am simply sickened about the nuclear nightmare and I know I will not
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