Arkansas Nuclear One Unit 2 – Spent Fuel Handling Machine not fully qualified for a seismic event

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“The following condition is being reported by Arkansas Nuclear One, Unit 2 (ANO-2) in accordance with 10CFR 50.72(b)(3)(ii)(B), ‘Unanalyzed Condition.’ Conservative engineering analysis has determined that the Spent Fuel Handling Machine (2H-3) is not qualified in a design basis earthquake event. Current seismic analysis is indicating a lack of margin for several structural parts of the machine.

“The Spent Fuel Handling Machine (2H-3) is currently parked and de-energized in a safe position and administratively prohibited from being moved over any irradiated fuel assemblies in the spent fuel pool. Until further engineering evaluation or modifications can occur the Spent Fuel Handling Machine (2H-3) will remain in its current position and de-energized.”


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