NRC TRANSCRIPTS – NRC team in Japan reports TEPCO states Unit 2 wet well no longer intact – TEPCO executives said they have evacuated the site

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MALE PARTICIPANT: Well, I’m just trying — we watched TEPCO executives say that they have evacuated the site.

MALE PARTICIPANT: And yesterday we watched TEPCO executives say that the Unit 2 wet well was no longer intact, and by the afternoon they said that it was. So, you know, we have been dealing with conflicting information from those folks for a while.

You know, I don’t doubt you. And, I mean, if I was a gambling man, I know where I would put my chips. So, I agree with you.

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  1. In the part we get to read, the NRC catches Tepco in a big fat lie. Makes you kinda wonder what was said that was so horrendous that it had to be redacted?
    Here’s my transcript of the redacted text:
    Male Participant: Well, Bob, you know, I mean, those suckers are lying their asses off.
    Male Participant (Bob): You got it, Joe. Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!
    Joe: These guys are worse than those dorks at TMI. Remember them?
    Bob: Do I? You bet I do. They knew from the get-go that the core had melted. Their coolant chemistry was so far off the charts, there wasn’t even a term to describe it.
    Joe: As I recall, it was like a trillion times higher than it should have been.
    Bob: Three trillion, Joe. Three point five trillion times higher, actually.
    Joe: Yeah, and it took the Fukushima disaster just to get them to admit that TMI melted at all.
    Bob: Yeah, they didn’t even say that when Chernobyl blew up.
    Joe: No, man. Geeze! What a mess that was.
    Bob: Still is.
    Joe: Yeah, that’s true. So, what about Fukushima?
    Bob: If you ask me, it’s gonna be worse than Chernobyl.
    Joe: Yeah, you’re probably right.
    Bob: So, you wanna go get some lunch?
    Joe: Sure. How about some fish and chips.
    Bob: That’s sounds great. Fish. Excellent. That’s where I’d put my chips.

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