Scientists estimates of cesium released from Fukushima doubled previous numbers

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Last summer, the Japanese government estimated that the March 11 Fukushima accident released 15,000 terabecquerels of cesium. Japanese researchers have newly released data that shows a  mind-boggling 40,000 trillion becquerels (40,000 terabecquerels, or 40 quadrillion becquerels)  of radioactive cesium, or twice the amount previously thought, may have spewed from the crippled Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant after the March 11 disaster, scientists say.

A quadrillion is equivalent to 1,000 trillion.

A trillion becquerels equals a terabecquerel.

Researchers are divided over how much damage environmental exposure to low doses has done since Chernobyl. Some researchers think it could still cause thousands of new cases of cancer across Europe.

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