TEPCO battles to maintain temperature and pressure gauges at Fukushima Daiichi Reactor 1

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At 11:00 am on March 29th, Tokyo Electric also known as TEPCO confirmed that the meters for measuring the water level of the reactor at fuel level B, the containment vessel, and the pressure of the suppression room were not able to be monitored.  Workers reset the gauges, which returned to normal at 12:56 pm. Currently the pressure in the PCV has gone downscale as off 11:00 am March 29th.

TEPCO is investigating the cause of this event.  During the event TEPCO was forced to rely on other instruments to confirm there were no changes inside of the containment.

TEPCO has also announced the initiation of investigations of fish and shellfish within 20 km of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station.  The utility says the operation is to understand the current density of radioactive materials that live in the marine areas just off the coast.

The utility will carry out monthly inspections beginning March 29th. The announcement by Tokyo Electric Power Company on Wednesday is in response to requests by fishing cooperatives and researchers who have been calling for full-fledged studies into the impact of radioactive contamination on marine life in the area.  It will study what kind of radioactive materials the catch contains, and their densities.

TEPCO will ask a government-backed fund on Thursday for a capital injection of around 12 billion dollars, and will also request about 10 billion dollars to bolster its reserves for compensation.

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