JAPC may be forced to look at costly upgrades or decommissioning after hiding data about new earthquake faults under Tsuruga Reactor

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On March 21st, a Japanese government researcher reported that Japan Atomic Power Company had neglected to report new data from a sonic survey in 2005 which showed that the Tsuruga nuclear power plant in Fukui could be subjected to a more serious earthquake than previously estimated.  Japan Atomic Power did not take oceanic faults into account when assessing the Tsuruga plant’s safety.

Earlier in March, Yuichi Sugiyama, leader of the team, said the Urazoko fault under the plant is at least 35 km long and could trigger a magnitude 7.4 quake.  The research shows multiple faults exist 2 to 3 km from the Urasoko fault, according to Sugiyama, who is also on an expert panel of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency.

The faults are highly likely to be activated at the same time, extending the length of the Urasoko fault to 35 km and magnifying its power, Sugiyama said.  If confirmed, the location of the Tsuruga nuclear plant will be disqualified, an official of the nuclear safety agency said.

“The worst-case scenario should be taken into consideration” . Earlier predictions had estimated the fault could produce a temblor releasing less than half that amount of energy.

Japan Atomic Energy has failed to provide the data for studies undertaken by an expert panel launched in 2008 by the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.


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  1. Prediction!
    I believe that the CURRENT PROBE into the San Onofre, CA Complex, will expose many more questionable tubes and also an ongoing coverup of safety related info that was concealed in order to sidestep NRC notifications. San Onofre has the worst safety record of all US reactors and it just makes sense that the Operator will be trying very hard to keep the lid on anything that draw attention to their reactor or it’s operation.

    The NRC gave the Nuclear Industry a “PASS” on the tube wear issue before on San Onofre and many of the other reactors around the Country http://wp.­me/p21p6a-­77L BUT NOW
    They are realizing that they have a much bigger problem than they first “imagined”­; metal erosion/weakness cannot be tolerated when the radioactiv­e leakage is not only high in temperatur­e and pressure but also high in amount of radiation!

    Would you use a dangerous leaking pressure pot day after day,… or would you be smart and replace it with something safer?

    Fragile tubes and a EARTH QUAKE could makes a large number of those tubes all fail; which is what I think happened in Fukushima!

    Remember Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

  2. Remember Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365; so delivering the final blow (pun intended) on the Fukushima Complex is not a big deal tectonically speaking!


    I believe that the Japanese have been holding their breath or almost a year now, waiting for the people Globally to start complaining first verbally then financially about not only their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster but also the burning of radioactive waste which is spreading Globally!

    The global outrage has not been very bad (so far) so the Japanese are now only too happy to burn, dump and SPIN their way into the future!

    I think future generations will look at what is happening in Japan as a perfect example of a Government using Science to condem its citizens to an unhealthy future in order to make money for those that control the Government!

    TEPCO is now engaged in a Health War not only against the local Japanese People but all those living on Earth, that are downwind from Fukushima!

  3. If the GANG controlled Utilities are not smart enough to realize that they will make far more money in the future than they will lose by continuing to “push” old nuclear on those that must buy energy from them then they all should be replaced by a newer SINGLE National Company that is run for and by the people of Japan, instead of just wealthy shareholders…

    Think of Energy like the air that we all breath or the water we drink, it is a basic right not a luxury since we cannot live without Energy!

    Wake up Japan and demand better from those that seek to keep you enslaved to RISKY Nuclear so they can profit from it!

  4. Lets talk about what energy now costs in the US and Germany for comparison, perhaps someone can also add the Japanese costs:

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