Worker at Fukushima Daiichi sent for Whole Body Count examinations after working to remove debris at Unit 3 without working protective gear

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On Saturday morning, a contract worker at Fukushima Daiichi was pulled from work duty after being sent to remove debris from around the Reactor 3 building.  After arriving at the site and beginning work, the worker found that his protective mask had not been equipped with a filter, and therefore was not able to fulfill its purpose.

Due to the fact that the worker likely inhaled radioactive materials during work in such close proximity to the reactor building, which is still highly contaminated, the worker was sent for Whole-Body-Count inspections.  TEPCO did not release the results, but said that the possibility of internal exposure was small.

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  1. I hope he’s okay.

    Compare this to a “wind mill” worker. He drives up to the windmill, fixes it and goes out to lunch.

    No worry about radiation; no need to be monitored; no need for lifelong radiation counting.

    Nuclear is so complicated.

    The best things in life are free and simple.

  2. Hoping that the mandates to “check for new filters” before working are now in place for the employees after this event.

    Heartbreaking to hear that the small amount of nuclear particles are now nesting and finding places to stay inside his body. The tiny particles have a very long life, half lives and will continue to be active long after the workers body has been interred – even thought the cause of his sicknesses and struggles with health will be named as non nuclear. Internal exposure is much different and more disturbing to the body that external exposure.

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