April 19th, 2011 – TEPCO concerned radioactive water leaking into Unit 2 from Unit 1 or Unit 3 possibly due to open PCV isolation valves

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From: OST01 HOC
Sent: Tuesday, April 19, 2011 1:26 PM
To: Hiland, Patrick; RST01 Hoc; Skeen, David
Subject: ACTION – New Ticket for Japanese Event Task Tracking (JETT) Process

The Operations Center has identified a task that falls in the purview of the Line Organization. You were provided as a POC for NRR

Question to be answered by NRR:

TEPCO is concerned that water leaking into the Unit 2 turbine building could be coming from Unit 1 or Unit 3 via crossconnects in the rad waste system (possibly via open primary containment isolation valves). If so, what are potential ways to identify the leak path and stop the leak. Provide answer to RST by 4/26.

This ticket is being tracked in the Japan SharePoint page (http://nsirops.nrc.gov/Lists/HOC%2ORed%2OTickets/Allltems.aspx) under ticket number 4899.

Please provide a response.to this email to confirm receipt. Thank you,

Executive Support Team

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