April 7th, 2011 – Conference call to discuss Radioactive Waste that may return to US from Japan

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Subject: FW: JA Low Level Radioactive Waste review
Location: Telecon: 703-695-4042, Passcode: 869823
Start: Thu 4/7/2011 4:00 PM
End: Thu 4/7/2011 5:00 PM
Show Time As: Tentative
Recurrence: (none)
Meeting Status: Not yet responded
Organizer: Idar, Deanne J CIV OSD POLICY

For information only.

NRC will participate in a interagency call to discuss Low Level Radioactive Waste that may return to US from


—- Original Appointment—–

From: Idar, Deanne J CIV OSD POLICY
Sent: Thursday, April 07, 2011 1:54 PM
To: Idar, Deanne I CIV OSD POLICY; ‘[email protected]’; ‘Bentz, Julie A.’; ‘[email protected]’;
‘RMTPACTSUELNRC’; ‘RMTPACTSU_HHS’; ‘RMTPACTSUMLO’; ‘RMTPACTSU_SRO’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘NITOPS’; ‘Connery, Joyce’; PMT03 Hoc; ‘David Bowman’; ‘Mustin, Tracy’; ‘Szymanski, John’; ‘Zerr, Thomas J.’; ‘Regan, Sean P.’; ‘Bahar, Michael’; Komp, Greg R Mr CIV USA HQDA ASO; ‘[email protected]’; ‘Munning, Gregory A Capt Code 07, 07’; F (,• 6ý Aponte, Manuel COL OSD POLICY; Lane, Aikojean CIV OSD POLICY; Gross, Laura, CIV, 05D-POLICY; Malone, Stephen C CTR JCS J3; Owens, Janice; LIA03 Hoc; LIA02 Hoc; ‘Tilden, Jay’; Hoc, PMTI2; f, “–(: _’RMTPACTSU [email protected]‘; Farrand, David E SEA04 04N; ‘Steele, Jeffrey M CIV SEA 08 NR’; ‘[email protected]’; ‘[email protected]’; Curry, Michael R
Cc: ‘Smith-Kevern, Rebecca’; ‘McCaughey, Bill’; ‘McGinnis, Edward’; ‘Phillip J Finck’
Subject: IA Low Level Radioactive Waste review

When: Thursday, April 07, 2011 4:00 PM-5:00 PM (GMT-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada).
Where: Telecon: 703-695-1042, Passcode: 869823


Thanks to all that have responded. We have all 11 lines identified as follows.

EPA, DOS, and DOT – would you confirm whether or not someone could participate at 1600?

Updated Participant list follows:

I. DOE: Mr. Doug lonkay, LLW/MLLW team for Christine Gelles, DOE/EM HQ Office of Disposal Operations Office

2. DOE: Mr. Edward McGinnis, Nuclear Energy (NE)

3. DOE: Mr. Phillip Finck, INL

4. DOS: Ms. lanet Gorn (unconfirmed)

5. DOT: (Pending)

6. EPA: Mr. Dan Schultheisz (unconfirmed)

7. NRC: Ms. Janice Owens (unconfirmed)

8. NSS: Julie Bentz or Charles Miller

•9. DoD: Mr. Greg Komp, USA – HQDA ASO, DoD LLRW Disposition Advisory Committee Chair (unconfirmed)

10. DoD: OSD(P)/CBRN – Deanne 1. Idar’ and Laura Gross

II. DOD: Naval Reactors: Jeff Steele and Dave Farrand for Steve Trautman, Deputy Director at Naval Reactors


OSTP: John Szymanski




Thank you for your follow-up with POC names, and additional information. I have scheduled a 1600 EDT telecon today for us to review and identify next steps regarding the Low Level Radioactive Waste challenges.


Telephone: 703-(695-4042 / DSN


Lines available: 11 total

Facilitator: Deanne J. Idar

We are limited to only 11 lines available at that time, so l’ve identified slots for 8 representatives, with 3 lines remaining. For unidentified participants, please e-mail me if you will be unable to join us on the telecon.

For others, please also e-mail if you would like to join us on the call.


Address the 4 questions posed by the DoD LLRW Disposition Advisory Committee and identify next steps, as follows:


1. Will radwaste generated outside the hot, warm or plume zones be returned to Japan or treated as US generated waste?

2. Can this waste be declared 91b, “national defense” waste or do we need to treat as commercial low level radwaste?

3. If commercial, will we need import permit from NRC?

4. Can we access DOE disposal sites?



Conference Call to Discuss Low Level Radioactive Waste Review – Pages From C142015-02CX-4

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