Background Paper on BWR Reactors for non-Nuclear Engineers – Fukushima reactor schematics, containment


From: Breskovic, Clarence
To: Breskovic, Clarence
Subject: Background Paper on BWR Reactors for non-Nuclear Engineers – Fukushima reactor schematics, containment, etc.
Date: Friday, March 11, 2011 1:05:32 PM
Attachments: ANSN BWR Paperpdf

I attached a BWR reactor background paper developed by the Asian Nuclear Safety Network. This might help people who are not nuclear engineers understand the jargon and the problems being described.


Background Paper on BWR Reactors for Non-Nuclear Engineers – Fukushima Reactor Schematics, Containment, – P…

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  1. At this point who cares, most people have seen that plants do and will melt down and the radiation cannot be contained at the site. The release of radiation in Japan has been going on for more than a year from at least 3 reactors and it looks like storage fuel and other radioactive materials are on fire. These plants are getting to old and with the increases in numbers of plants will insure that the next problem will pop up soon. The past has structured the future as I do not see the public allowing any more plants and on top of this the nuclear industry have lied at best and misled the public from day one that plants could never melt down, I remember the pro nuclear saying that the plants would fail safe without any ones help and lied saying that when power failed the fuel rods gravity assist lowered out of place, very simple system but now we know it was a big fat lye. So good luck and right now I am in my living room with the windows and doors closed and I should not hear anything outside this house but today the birds are chirping like hell (in 64 years I have not heard birds like this) to get a female response without success.

  2. Remember Fukushima proved that Nature can destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

    Despite the design basis or Quake standards if Nature strikes who can afford a Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster?

    Ask The Japanese!

    • I agree 100% and add to this the deaths and may indirectly cause a war.

  3. Energy Wars will only stop when we start to get our Energy from Outer Space…

    • These are great books that explain how to get Energy and even minerals from Space:

      The High Frontier by Gerard K. O’Neill,
      Colonies In Space by A. Heppenheimer.
      The Third Industrial Revolution by G. Harry Stine
      The Space Enterprise by Philip Robert Harris
      Mining the Sky by John S. Lewis

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