Cesium contamination found in Tone River Crucian Carp over 180 km from Fukushima Daiichi

Japanese Authorities have alerted the public of measures taken to prevent contaminated fish caught over 180 kilometers (111.8 miles) from the Fukushima Daiichi plant from being shipped and sold in public markets.

Chiba prefectural officials say that silver crucian carp caught in the famous Tone river contained 110 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram, and say they will check other types of freshwater fish for radioactivity.

The prefecture has asked 10 municipalities along the river and 6 fishery cooperatives not to ship fish from the river to market, and have also asked residents not to eat anything from the river.


Other reports from Tone River area

Following the March 11th disaster, by the 22nd of March—radioactive iodine was detected at the Kanamachi water treatment plant, over 130 miles from Fukushima Daiichi, which also treats water from the Tone River system.

In June 2011, reports alerted locals of a “hot spot” area which extended from parts of Moriya and neighboring Toride cities on the Ibaraki side of the Tone River, southward through neighboring areas.

In February 2012, fish and shellfish pulled from a pond near the river were removed from circulation because of radiation levels above the legal limit.

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