Japan can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions without relying on nuclear energy

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NHK reports a panel of experts from Japans Environment Ministry says that the nation would be able to cut greenhouse gas emissions dramatically even without relying on nuclear energy a 25-percent cut in emissions is possible by increasing the adoption of renewable energy and energy-saving measures.

The panel estimated how much greenhouse gas emissions could be cut by 2030 from 1990 levels.

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  1. Solar (of all flavors) prices are falling almost weekly while Nuclear is increasing along with it’s RISK…

    The Japanese people should seek freedom from their Nuclear Gang controlled Utilities and DEMAND Safe Solar (of all flavors)…

    Nuclear’s dirty radioactive SECRET is out now as Japan’s radioactive pollution continues to circle the Planet, in ever greater amounts as they continue to burn radioactive debris and drag their feet dealing with the leaking Fukushima reactors…

    What a Nuclear Waste!

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