Japanese nuclear power plant constructs 3/11 memorial museum to celebrate ‘Nuclear Safety Culture Day’ with local residents

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In the first year after the March 11th disaster, the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant has worked hard to ensure local residents that nuclear safety is the top priority at the plant.  Months after the March disaster, workers at the Shimane Nuclear Power Plant submitted an updated pledge of allegiance to upholding the standards of nuclear safety to METI in June of 2011, and pledged to view June 3rd as ‘Nuclear Safety Culture Day’.

The event is orchestrated and carried out by the utility, and is full of pomp and fuss. Workers gather and publically chant in unison, in order to ensure the attending local citizens of their abilities by loudly reaffirming their “vows to safety and quality.”

To assist the local message to be more well-received the workers constructed the Shimane Nuclear Museum to “pledge and vow to each other, and to also immortalize the “trust and recovery” that the nuclear plant is seen as bringing to the area.

On a cliff which allows attendees to behold the wonders of the local scenery, the nuclear power plant constructed a special commemorative bell which is to be rung by workers as another reinforcement of their vows.

Local schoolchildren and teachers are told that the workers shall not forget the March 11th disaster, and that they can once again enjoy “peace of mind” as all of the workers vowed anew to uphold the highest priority safety standards.



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