Japanese officials push for complete rewrite of national nuclear safety standards

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Inspector General Audit of EPA RadNet system during Fukushima disaster highlights weaknesses of key national asset

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  1. Here is a quote from an Areva Executive VP, made on 3/21/11:

    “Clearly we’re witnessing one of the greatest disasters in modern time”

    Left unmentioned in the above article, are these TWO Important issues:

    1. The TEPCO Gang controlled Labor Middlemen are also making a killing off this Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster, by providing disposable labors like the original 50 responders whose records seem to have vanished, while making BIG money for TEPCO… See: http://is.gd/Ljj4Ff

    2. Regarding the highly radioactive material itself:
    I wonder if any of the Japanese Leaders are asking (on or off the record), what happened to all the highly radioactive materials that are now missing from Fukushima and what they are doing to recover them ASAP. Since it is true that that TEPCO is using GANG supplied labor then it must be worrisome that much of this highly radioactive material may have been stolen to be later sold to terrorist organizations because of it’s dirty weapon potential for BIG money!

    I hope some future terrorist dirty explosion does not contain Fukushima radioactive debris, as it will give the phrase “Made in Japan” a new meaning!

    Well connected GANGS are making a killing off these radioactive waste projects and they stand to make the most money from the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima; this will enable them to “RUN” Japan as never before!

    No wonder the Japanese people are powerless to stop these GANGS from doing whatever they want…
    How many Politicians will benefit from this Nuclear dirty money?
    **Supporting Nuclear just enables their Gang controlled Utilities**…

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