One of UKs oldest nuclear reactors to shut down at end of April due to limited fuel stocks

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Only one of first generation gas cooled reactors in the UK will remain in operation after the Wylfa 2 magnox reactor is shutdown at the end of April.  The Wylfa Nuclear Power Station in Anglese North Whales,  began operating in 1971.

Post-Fukushima, the future for the Wylfa station looks much different than it did before.

Reactor 1 will be allowed to operate until 2014, after being extended to use the remaining fuel, however Reactor 2 is being pulled offline and will cease producing electricity on April 30th, due to the limited fuel supply.

The Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) is expected to make a decision on whether to allow the transfer of partially used fuel from Reactor 2 to Reactor 1 this summer.

Last month a company pulled out of plans to build the Wylfa B nuclear power station, which had been planned to operate on Anglesey from 2025.

The new station had been planned to replace the existing Wylfa plant.

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