Real and Present Threat to Japanese Nuclear Safety

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Japan had admitted it was unprepared for a disaster on the scale of the Fukushima nuclear crisis in a June 2011 report to the UN’s atomic agency, and vowed to implement new safety measures.

This is not the first time that Japan has been forced to form new agencies to re-establish public trust and confidence, in fact Japan created both the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency (NISA) and the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES), after 35 cases of falsified plant inspection reports were discovered at more than 20 plants in 2002.

According to a Japanese government report to the International Atomic Energy Agency in June 2011, “NISA’s lack of independence from the trade ministry, which promotes the use of atomic power, hampered a quick response to the disaster at Tokyo Electric Power Co.’s Fukushima Dai-Ichi plant this year”.

NISA has even repeatedly tried to influence public symposiums on the use of nuclear energy.

This year, April Fools in Japan brought the realization that a new nuclear safety commission was never realistically able to be implemented by the April 1st deadline set the by the national government, in fact the Diet had not even begun deliberating the related bills. The government hasn’t set a new target date for the implementation at this time.

In its present structure, the main regulatory body, the Nuclear Industrial and Safety Agency , is under the control, and part of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, which also promotes nuclear power in the resource-poor country.  NISA is overseen by the NSC, which is itself responsible for formulating safety policy, and the Atomic Energy Commission, which is responsible for nuclear power and research policy. The NSC and Atomic Energy Commission are both part of the Cabinet Office.

As long as the existing organizational structure of the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency remains in place under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and continues to serve as the primary regulatory body, there will be much speculation about the ability to properly and efficiently perform its function.

The Nuclear Safety Commission of the Cabinet Office, which has overseen NISA’s activities, will also remain in place until the creation of the new regulatory agency finally takes place, despite its own shortcomings.

The three commission members whose terms end on April 16 have shown their intention to remain at their posts beyond that date if successors are not decided, because they do not want to create a ”vacuum” in nuclear safety regulation.

Even embattled Nuclear Safety Commission (NSC) chairman Haruki Madarame will remain in office at special request.

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  1. People in the Western World, need to reexamine the “way” they view Japan and that includes not only how that Country is governed but what actual “say” the Japanese people have in their Governments process!

    It has taken almost a year to realize that Japan is actually being “run” by its Powerful Utility Companies and this “business” relationship extends in a “Control Continuum” that extends at one end, from actual Utility direct financial support of the highest Government Leaders in the Country, to the widely known use of organized gangs to keep citizens in line at the other!

    The idea that individual Japanese people actually have a say in how they are governed, much less the way their Energy is generated, is just a well publicized fantasy that the Utilities uses to put a nuclear “smily face” on the grim reality that ever facet of Japanese life is less important than what is good for these Utilities! These Powerful Utilities ARE Japan, and the Japanese people are only “forced” customers of these Utilities since they have no other choice of providers when it come to basic needs like electricity, at lest until now! Solar panels have allowed many to get the electricity they need and this is a huge threat to these Utilities, that must be “crushed” ASAP if they are to maintain their complete control over the Japanese people!

    Ever since 3/11, the rest of the World’s attention has been focused on the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima and Japan’s response to their triple melt down. What we have learned is that the Government has allowed TEPCO to not only remain in Control of this debacle but they have actually enabled the Utility to place huge numbers of Japanese citizens at risk rather than demand that the Utility think first of human health instead of Corp. shareholder profits. The fact that radioactive pollution has now spread Globally and is affecting the rest of the Planet is hardly mentioned in MSM which points to an even greater problem for the rest of mankind; we are helpless and as yet unable to demand any “better” treatment from Japan because our own Leaders are for the most part are in full support of the those Utility backed Leaders in Japan.

    Kudos to Germany and many other Countries for pointing the finger at Nuclear Power and the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster RISK every nuclear complex now represents! People globally now are becoming informed and starting to demand answers to basic questions and once people start asking questions perhaps change will occur, even if not for the Japanese themselves… one thing is for certain, the Japanese people will be affected by their Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster for much longer than the estimated 40 to 100 years that it will take to “tidy up” after Fukushima…

    What a Nuclear Waste!

  2. What is wrong with this “Picture”?

    1. Tepco is one the “GANGS” that runs Japan.
    2. What is good for TEPCO is good for Japan.
    3. The Japanese people MUST OBEY TEPCO for the “GOOD”
    … of the Country.
    4. The financial health of TEPCO is more important than the
    … physical health,
    … of the Japanese People and all their FUTURE children!
    5. Only TEPCO knows what is best, all others must BOW to
    … TEPCO’s Rule.
    Japan is now a majority TEPCO Stock Owner, where is their TEPCO Board seat and who is asking questions and demanding answers for all those in Tokyo receiving TEPCO’s radioactiv­e fallout?

    This is UNACCEPTAB­LE!

    Who wants to star in a Japanese radioactiv­e pollution Film!

  3. We are now are being ruled by those in Nuclear Denial*; instead of by Leaders that demand an end to the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disast­er RISK that Nuclear poses to mankind!

    “Individuals and organizations that have vested interests are reviewing themselves and under this regime a proper assessment cannot be made,” Ino said.
    Hideo Ikuno, a spokesman for Mitsubishi Heavy, said he wasn’t in a position to comment.
    Trade and Industry Minister Yukio Edano said Japan may have no nuclear plants operating this summer and the government is preparing measures to avoid power shortages, the Asahi newspaper reported today, citing his comments in an interview. The safety issue is more important than power supply concerns, Edano told the Asahi.
    “If there was a real discussion then the stress tests would be a good forum” for assessing the risks and rewards of nuclear power, Ino said. “As it is, the stress tests are just being used to restart reactors.”

    How would Japan pay for another Fukushima?
    Deal with a 50 mile NO GO ZONE ?

    Remember Nature does not follow design basis calculations or even engineering RISK formulas…

    The nuclear industry is fighting tooth and nail to maintain it’s market share; yet NOW Solar (of all flavors) is far less costly to construct, faster to construct and carries with it N☢ Nuclear radioactiv­e baggage that can kill a Countries economy and or those living nearby!

    Ask The Japanese!

    *Nuclear Denial
    The illogical belief that Nature cannot destroy any land based nuclear reactor, any place anytime 24/7/365!

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