May 15, 2012
Daily Inhalation Dose at Yokota Air Base

Yokota Air Base received equivalent of chest x-ray to thyroid in 72 hours after onset of Fukushima Disaster

Daily Inhalation Dose at Yokota Air Base (upper bound) 12.5 mrem (125 uSv) in three days March 20, 21, 22 The first weekend after the Tsunami, every adult in Tokyo got a 12.5…


March 16th, 2011 – Merrill Lynch VP asks former USNRC director “What do you make of the Japanese reactor situation?”

Merril-Lynch Vice President George Vassiliou is a Financial Advisor in the Washington DC Merrill Lynch office. He focuses on total wealth management and provides solutions for multidimensional personal and business finances and planning….


2011 Nuclear Regulatory Commission Salaries exposed after government worker database went public this week

A new database that went public Tuesday morning  obtained through a Freedom of Information Act placed with the Office of Personnel Management by a WUSA9/Gannett sister publication, The Asbury Park Press, allows you to enter a…


New nuclear energy anything but cheap

The Charlotte Observer reports Duke Energy, a Charlotte-based utility, wants lawmakers to allow it to recoup nuclear pre-construction costs faster.  Duke Energy wants to adjust electric rates annually to recover those proposed nuclear plant…

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