April 15th, 2011 – Doris and contractor not involved in Fukushima and not in any position to speak as NRC representatives

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From: Sheron, Brian
To: Gibson, Kathy; Scott, Michael
Sent: Fri Apr 15 13:24:57 2011
Subject: FW: Pre-TripDL- Paris 2011.doc

See below.

I saw on the pre-trip notification it said that “In addition, discussions will be held regarding the events in Japan and the support actions being taken by the NEA and IAEA.”

What is this about?

Doris and the contractor have not been involved in Fukushima as far as I can tell, and are not in any position to speak to it as NRC representatives.

Also, NEA and IAEA are chomping at the bit to go off and work on anything they can that might be remotely related to Fukushima, and I don’t want anyone committing to work on any task groups, etc., related to Fukushima.

Doris Lewis and Derek Hagemeyer Contractor) – Pages From C142449-02LX

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