April 5th, 2011 – Humans again got us into this and will hopefully get us out

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From:Barnes. Valerie
To:Correia. Richard; Peters. Sean; Desaulniers. David Coe. Doug
Subject:Coordinated HF input on Fukushima
Date:Tuesday, April 05, 2011 3:52:05 PM

It appears we’re all being asked from various directions to provide input on the HOF issues we’re seeing/are interested in finding out more about in Fukushima. WGHOF was tasked with this from CSNI, Dave has been asked by his mgt, Doug asked Sean/HFRB for input…

Now that the formal NRC task force has been set up, I’m thinking it would be worthwhile to get the 15-16 of we HF-trained folks in RES, NRR and NRO together to organize our questions/issues somewhat formally to feed into the sr level task force’s efforts. I think it’s likely we’ll have more impact if we do it in a coordinated fashion as a discipline than through informal, one-off means.

And it seems important, since it’s humans again that got us into this and will hopefully get us out.

Could we schedule at least an afternoon next week to pull our thoughts together, Dave and Sean, and then ask Rich/Doug to help us get them to where they need to go?


Coordinated HF Input on Fukushima – Pages From C142449-02J

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