Bring-Your-Own-Device to work at the NRC

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Nuclear Regulatory Commission employees will be able to use their own mobile devices for work later this year as part of a new federal digital strategy to reform federal mobility, websites and the sharing of digital services, and to increase the mobility of federal workers in a move to improve productivity and lower costs.

“We are changing our thinking,” NRC Chief Information Officer Darren Ash told AOL Government. “We’re not interested in a mass distribution of hardware.”  He said NRC is still working on protecting its security when an individual logs on with their own device, and he is focused on “protecting information and how do we ensure the employee gets what he needs.”

BlackBerries are currently the only mobile devices distributed to 1,000 NRC employees, costing $3,000 a year to maintain and support. Before they even try to increase the number of their mobile devices, Ash said they will study what works and what’s cost effective, but certified encryption software will needed to be used to protect agency information, Ash said.

NRC quick response codes are making it easier to access information by scanning a bar code with their iPhones and tablets. It could be recruitment information, documents or simply a website.

“We are focused less on the device but more on the information and portability,” Ash said.

Source: AOL Gov

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  1. Ugh. Maybe they should just do their jobs instead of worrying about their stupid phones. This safety puke they spew applies only to them I guess. I guess they forgot about the real problems. Maybe they’ll fabricate some safety ecents and then save us from them to make it look like their not worthless. While we pay for it. With our money and our wellbeing.

    There is no such thing as a safe internet. Google is a surveillance apparatus.

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