Diet panel and TEPCO may square off over plans to abandon Fukushima Daiichi reactors at height of nuclear disaster – Enformable

Diet panel and TEPCO may square off over plans to abandon Fukushima Daiichi reactors at height of nuclear disaster

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A Diet panel investigating the causes of the nuclear crisis recently interviewed key politicians who responded to the early stage of the emergency, hoping to bring one important fact point to light, whether Masataka Shimizu, TEPCO president at the time of the nuclear accident, said that all 600 workers would have to flee from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant.

Tepco has since been denying that it ever thought of abandoning the plant and has insisted it was thinking of leaving a skeleton crew to handle the accident while temporarily withdrawing everyone else who was not deeply involved with the containment efforts, but all of the top-ranking officials handling the disaster at the time — including then Prime Minister Naoto Kan, Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano and industry minister Banri Kaieda — believed the utility was trying to abandon the plant.

Kiyoshi Kurokawa, a professor emeritus at the University of Tokyo who chairs the panel, said it may seize internal Tepco documents to investigate this critical question. The Diet panel has the legal authority to gather information.

Source: Japan Times

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  1. Time will show that the entire Fukushima Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster was “controlled” by the Nuclear Fascists* in a “failed” attempt to protect their market share of the Energy Business…

    They are spending huge amounts of money now trying to shore up their RISKY technology and are using all their Gov’t. contacts to hinder development of all other forms of Energy production. Germany will be their test case, because now Germany is showing the World that they can begin to phase out nuclear and still grow their economy!

    The Web has allowed people from all over the Planet to cut through their Nuclear Baloney* and see nuclear reactors for what they are, the BIGGEST RISK mankind faces…



  2. I wonder if any of these Leaders asked on or off the record, what happened to all the highly radioactive materials that are now missing from Fukushima and what they are doing to recover them ASAP?

    If it is true that that TEPCO is using GANG supplied labor then it must be worrisome that all this highly radioactive material may have been stolen and or sold to terrorist organizations because of it’s dirty weapon potential for BIG money! I hope some future terrorist dirty explosion does not contain Fukushima radioactive debris, as it will give “Made in Japan” a new meaning!

  3. Where is all the Fukushima Money Going?

    Well connected Utility GANGS are making a killing off these radioactive waste projects and they stand to make the most money from the Trillion Dollar Eco-Disaster at Fukushima; this will enable them to “RUN” Japan as never before!

    No wonder the Japanese people are powerless to stop these Utility GANGS from doing whatever they want…

    How many Politicians will benefit from this Nuclear dirty money or because they rely on Nuclear Payback* to remain in Office?

    Supporting Nuclear just enables their Gang controlled Utilities…


    Those that support nuclear power because nuclear power somehow supports them; no matter what the health implications or other “costs” are for others.

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