Japanese retail electricity to be fully deregulated after agreement reached by METI technical committee

A technical committee of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) agreed to fully deregulating retail electricity including sales to residential customers at a May 18th meeting the Denki Shimbun reports.

METI intends to revise the Electricity Business Act during the ordinary session in 2013 at the earliest and enforce the act as early as possible. Some sources say, however, that “it will take a few years” to enforce the act in view of designing the details of the system and the time required to inform the customers.

Currently, only the electricity market of customers with a contract demand of 50 kW or more is liberalized. After the full deregulation, low-voltage customers with a contract demand of less than 50 kW and residential customers will be able to choose electricity suppliers.

Source: The Denki Shimbun

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