Japan’s polar shift on May 5th should be remembered not forgotten

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As it currently stands, the only nuclear power plant in Japan in operation is the Unit 3 at Tomari nuclear power plant in Hokkaido Electric Power Co., which is scheduled to power down around 17:00pm this Friday, and drop offline around 23:00pm (JST) on May 5th.
In Japan, across the country residents will be gathering to witness this monumental event, and so, the world send their messages of congratulations and solidarity in support, especially after the experiences shared over the last year.

At Enformable, we have our own special message planned, but also hope if you were inspired to do something , that you would share it so that those in Japan may be encouraged, and we would love to feature it.

Regardless of your opinions of the restart of the nuclear plants, we can all appreciate that Japan has begun writing a revolutionary story of ‘civic responsibility’ against perceived inadequate regulation, and unethical monopolies. They still have a long road ahead, but this is a monumental step, that few thought would EVER happen, and we feel that we should recognize it as such.

We encourage everyone to think of their own way to help Japan to feel the support of the world, as they attempt to navigate such treacherous waters.  Any medium is appropriate, writing, notes, poems, art, Youtube videos, or simple photos holding signs, etc, the key is that it is expressed so that it may be received.

We will be featuring all of your messages, and assembling them on a dedicated page which will be published here at Enformable.com on Friday.

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Also if you are hosting a public event, regardless of location or size, please let us know as well, and we will be glad to share it here on this page in the interim.

One notable event in Japan will hold a candle night countdown in the Iwanai ferry bridge where the people can see Tomari nuclear power plant at 22:00pm (JST) on May 5th.  The event is expected to end around 2:00am (JST) on May 6th.

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