March 29th, 2011 – PPT presentation reflecting data from several sources on trending of Fukushima Daiichi dose measurements

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From: PMT07 Hoc
Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 201112:58 PM
To: Zimmerman, Roy
Cc: Hoc, PMT12; PMT07 Hoc; FOIA Response.hoc Resource; RST01 Hoc; OST01 HOC; OST02 HOC; Weber, Michael;
Blount, Tom; Cool, Donald
Subject: Presentation for 3 pm IPC SVTC

Mr. Zimmerman:

Attached please find the PowerPoint presentation requested for the 3 pm IPC SVTC. This information reflects status from the reactor safety team, and the protective measures team, and shows data from several sources on trending of dose measurements near the facility, and at points further away.

Donald A. Cool
PMT Director

Presentation for 3 Pm IPC SVTC – Pages From C142449-02F

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