May 22nd 2012 FOIA Archive – PRA – Occupational Exposure 2010 reports – SONGS – Fukushima Daiichi – SBO

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Comments On Advance Notice of Proposed Rule Making (Anpr)of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission Relating to the Prevention and Mitigation Ofstation Blackout

2010_FINAL_NUREG 0713 – Occupational Radiation Exposure at Commercial Nuclear Power Reactors And Other Facilities 2010

2010_final_nureg 0713 Appendix C- Personnel, Dose, And Power Generation

2010_final_nureg 0713 Appendices e and f – Plants No Longer in Operation

U.S. Environmental Assessment and Remediation

Chernobyl’s Legacy Health, Environmentaland Socio-economic Impacts and Recommendations to the Governments of Belarus,the Russian Federation and Ukraine

Remarksat the Occasion Of Workshop on the Application and R&D of the Technologies Of Decontamination, Remediation And Restoration of the Environment

Recommendations for the Follow-Up Assessment of Contaminated Travelers by Radiation Control Health Physics Staff

Ml120600599 – Overview of us nrc Pra

Workshop for Nordic Authorities, Organ is at IONS and Institutions Relevant for Assessing Health And Environmental Consequences of Nuclear Accidents and Incidents Involving Vessels-propelled Floating Power And REACTORS

Cancer in Populations Living Near Nuclear Facilities Report of a Survey by Researchers at the US National Cancer Institute

Probabilistic Safety Analysis Workshop Proceedings of TheDeterministic-October 2 011


Fukushima Daiichi

Research on the Vulnerability of NPP Borssele in Accident Situations Comparable to The Fukushima

Development of Remote Decontamination Technology in the Reactor Building

Department of Defense’s Response to Fukushima

Proposal for the Radioactive Substance Decontamination

JAEA Activities Towards Environmental Restoration of FUKUSHIMA

For the Correct Understanding of Radiation In Order to Take Appropriate Actions

JAEA Activities On Decontamination Toward Environmental Restoration of Fukushima

Main Points of the Progress Status of the “Roadmap for Immediate Actions for the Assistance of Residents Affected by the Nuclear Incident”

JAEC Response to TEPCO’s Fukushima Daiichi NPS Accident and Decontamination in Off-Limits Zones 03 ISHIDA(JAEA)_English

Verification of Screening Level For Decontamination Implemented After Fukushimanuclear Accident

Remediation Efforts in Japan – October 16 2011 Decon_e_key

IAEA Fukushima Remediation Final_report151111

In Hopes of Early Decontamination – AESJ Clean-Up Subcommittee’s Activities – 19 Inoue(AESJ)_English (1)

Decontamination Project by the Japanese Government 14 Moriya(Ministry_of_Environment)_English


San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station

03-20-12 08A Radio Logical Monitoring System

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, Units 2 and 3 – Nrctriennial Fire Protection Inspection Report Nov 13 2001

Hydro Graphic & Geophysical Surveys on a REEF Site Planning a Kelp Mitigation Artificial Reef Offshore of San Clemente, California

OPC-Powerplants – Power Plants’ Toll on Marine Life Has State Panels Set to Consider Legislation

San Onofre’s steam generator disposal project

Application of San Diego Gas And Electric Company (U902E) to Recover Certain Costs of Seismic Studies for SanOnofre Nuclear Generating Stations UnitsNos. 2 and Application 11-05-011(Filed May 9, 2011)

“True believers” or Numerical Terrorism at the NuclearPower Plant

Economical Conversion OfUnfueled Nuclear Generating Stations

10 CFR 50.75(f)(1) Decommissioning Funding ReportSan Onofre Nuclear Generating Station Units 2 and 3 March 31 2009

California Iso Planning Standards

Evacuation Time Evaluation for the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station


Modeling of SONGS Unit 2

Artificial Reefs as a Resource Management Option for Siting Coastal Power Stations in Southern California

Kab-001 Songs Rai Response – Pra Adequacy

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station, California.pdf

Remarks of City Council Member Larry AgranRegarding the San Onofre Nuclear Generating StationIrvine City Council Meeting March 27, 2012

The San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station’sOcean Water Cooling System

Case Sanonfre

Hazardous Waste Facility Permit Issued to the Southern California Edison Company


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