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Reporters without borders blasts TEPCO and Japan over unacceptable restrictions on freelance journalists

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A year after the nuclear disaster, restrictions on freelance journalists remain stricter than those that apply to journalists affiliated to a news organization. The foreign media are still largely under-represented.

Only two Japanese freelances will be included among 40 accredited to the third media visit on 26 May to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, badly damaged by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

Although some photographers and camera operators will be present, neither of the two freelances will be allowed to use still cameras or video equipment.

One of them, Hatakeyama Michiyoshi, told Reporters Without Borders that a quota of four video journalists and four photographers had been set for the visit but the two who were not affiliated to news organizations would not be allowed to take any equipment.

Reporters Without Borders denounces the discriminatory measures taken by the Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) and the Japanese government against freelance journalists.

“Such overt discrimination is a hidden form of censorship and is unacceptable,” Reporters Without Borders said.

Source: Reporters Without Borders

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  1. More CENSORSHIP from TEPCO,
    … Where everything is done for their own Profit
    … And the rest of the Planet can just accept it…

  2. Seems to me Media Corporations are not protesting or voicing genuine concerns of discriminating Media Without Borders by the Japanese officials. If media freedom if restricted and if such incidents continue then it will have far reaching consequences for ALL types of Media. Furthermore the so called “mainstream media” has failed upon its traditional pledge to keep media “free from discrimination”.

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