State Senator and NRC Executive Director in tug of war over Pilgrim relicensing

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State Sen. Robert Hedlund of Weymouth is urging the head of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to delay renewing the license for the Pilgrim nuclear power plant in Plymouth until additional safety measures can be implemented.

This after Bill Borchardt, the Executive Director for Operations at the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission at the NRC, openly pleaded with the five-member commission to authorize the renewal of Pilgrim’s license, in order to give Pilgrim the green light despite the fact that a few appeals remain under consideration in the review process.

Nuclear industry proponents said that Borchardt’s plea “moved a step closer to receiving a new license”,despite the fact that the commission has the authority to set aside a license or update it after it has been issued.
A coalition of groups opposed to the relicensing of the Pilgrim nuclear plant in Plymouth has asked Gov. Deval Patrick to intervene with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

The union that represents more than 400 of the workers at the Pilgrim nuclear plant on Plymouth has scheduled a vote this week on whether to authorize leadership to call a strike, after contract negotiations with the Entergy Corp.-owned plant have stalled over health care costs and working conditions.

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