TEPCO admits at least one underage subcontractor worked at Fukushima Daiichi in April 2011

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TEPCO announced that a 17 year old boy had been working in Fukushima in early April 2011, a violation of the nation’s Labor Standards Law, the JiJi Press reports.

According to TEPCO, the boy engaged in work to create a hole in the outer wall of the Unit 2 turbine building, as a subcontractor of the Kajima Corporation.

It is reported that he had received nearly 2 mSv radiation dose during his time spent working at TEPCO.

Kajima Construction Corporation is a Japanese construction company, which is known for developing demolition techniques which allow for more control during projects.

Kajima has also been developing new heavy construction machines which are remotely operated, as much of the debris waiting to be removed is highly radioactive, or located in high-radiation areas.

While previous distance limits for wireless remote operation was comparatively short, about 100 meters, the new system enables 500 meter distance operation by sending communications signals to work sites through optical fibers.

Operators are allowed to work without a mask or other protection clothing in the operation room, where dose rates are about 5 microSieverts per hour.

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