June 2012
Protesters at Japan Consulate in Californa USA

Opinions on nuclear power dominate Japan and spill over international boundaries

Discussions related to nuclear power have been on the lips of nearly every attendee of Japanese utilities’ shareholders meetings this week.  At every meeting, the utilities faced numerous questions from their shareholders about…


Nearly forty workers found to have inhaled and been exposed to high doses of radiation after maintenance at Rawatbhata

On June 23rd, two workers at Unit 5 of the Rawatbhata Atomic Power Station in Rajasthan were found to have suffered exposure to high doses of radioactive tritium which was inhaled while carrying…


Federal agents investigating whether any wrongdoing related to leaking cooling tank at the Palisades nuclear power plant

The Palisades nuclear power plant in Van Buren County had five unplanned shutdowns last year, one was considered to be of substantial safety significance. The plant remains off-line, after being shutdown on June 12th. The…


TEPCO President says costs stemming from Fukushima compensation impossible for utility to bear

In an interview with NHK, TEPCO’s new president Naomi Hirose said it is impossible for the company to bear the burden of compensation alone, as it continues to struggle to cope with the Fukushima…

Unit 1 Torus Investigation Video (84)

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Torus Room Investigation Video and Scenes

Eliot Brenner

NRC authored secret assessment of the Japanese recovery plan for the US embassy and anticipated leaks

Pages From C142591-02B – Its Japan’s Plan and Its a Japanese Accident

Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1 Sediment on bottom of Torus Room

TEPCO investigation reveals highly contaminated water accumulating in Unit 1 Torus Room

On Tuesday, TEPCO workers investigated the torus room of Fukushima Daiichi Unit 1.  A camera, thermometer, and dosimeter were inserted through pipes above the torus room, and down into the torus room between…

A Geiger counter registers toxic levels of radiation while children play along the Techa River, ignoring the high degree of contamination here from careless dumping and major accidents in a nearby  weapons plutonium plant. Muslyumovo/ Chelyabinsk, Russia 1993  © Gerd Ludwig  Un compteur Geiger enregistre les rayonnements ionisants et toxiques de la radioactivitŽ pendant que des enfants sÕamusent au bord de la rivire Techa. Le haut degrŽ de contamination est ignorŽ, consŽquence de la nŽgligence et de plusieurs accidents majeurs dans une usine dÕarmes au plutonium ˆ proximitŽ. Muslyumovo/Chelyabinsk, Russia 1993  © Gerd Ludwig

Photo of the week: Chelyabinsk – A lack of environmental responsibility

  The fortress of Chelyaba, from which the city takes its name, was constructed on the site in 1736; town status was granted to it in 1781. Around 1900, it served as a…


Prominent Japanese seismologists speak out against “severe setback in safety standards”

When Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and three other cabinet ministers agreed to restart two suspended nuclear reactors at the Oi power station in central Japan they said that the central government “had…

Edano has been accused of failing to provide full information about the Fukushima nuclear disaster and of downplaying health dangers.

Edano says Japan unable to end reliance on nuclear energy in near future

Prior to departing for a two-day 21-member energy ministerial meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in St. Petersburg, Russia, Japanese Industry Minister Yukio Edano said he planned to explain new developments regarding nuclear…

A TEPCO logo is pictured on a sign showing the way to the venue of the company's annual shareholders' meeting in Tokyo

TEPCO expected to face more criticism in 2012

The Board of Audit of Japan plans to launch an in-depth investigation into TEPCO records to ensure the company makes compensation payments appropriately for disaster victims. The board will also ensure that TEPCO’s…


Japanese government’s snafu may make nuclear disaster compensation deals much more costly

The Japanese government has come under harsh scrutiny of their handling of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi.  The central government has twice been exposed in the main stream media as having purposefully…


Tsunami Debris Cleanup: Everybody do your share

Goshi Hosono, the Japanese Environment Minister announced that Japan will send a team of experts from JEAN, a Tokyo-based non-governmental organization that deals with ocean waste problems, to the United States to study…

Hosono, Japan's environment minister, speaks to Tepco employees at the emergency operations center in the Seismic Isolated Building at the TEPCO's tsunami-crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Fukushima prefecture

Japan speeds up spent fuel removal plans from Fukushima Reactor 4

Japan’s nuclear crisis minister, Goshi Hosono, told Reuters in an interview that workers at Fukushima Daiichi will begin removing spent fuel from the Reactor 4 by the end of the year, adding, “We…

The explosion at Reactor 1 did not effect the towers in the same manner

Fukushima: The Accident Waiting To Happen

This week, TEPCO released its final report of its internal investigation into the Fukushima nuclear disaster, and admits it failed to adequately prepare for the disaster, but cast blame on the government for…


Japan putting all bets on new nuclear agency to deal with contentious issues

In  December 2011 following the Fukushima disaster, a new rule was proposed in Japan which limited the lifespan of a nuclear reactor in operation to 40 years, which in some cases may be…

OOI nuclear power plant 3 4

Bumpy restart underway at Ohi nuclear power plant

Only days after deciding to restart the Ohi reactors, Kansai Electric the operator and the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency have already started out on the wrong foot with a “lapse in judgment”…

SONGS Key Design Changes

San Onofre may need neighborly boost to continue to keep out the ‘unwelcome mat’

At a public meeting Monday night in San Clemente, officials from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission blamed faulty computer modeling by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) as the most likely cause of the unacceptable amount…

Shin Wolseong

Problems halt OPR-1000 trial operations at South Korea’s Shin Wolsong 1

Korea Hydro &  Nuclear Power Company have confirmed that one of the new OPR-1000 (Optimized Power Reactor 1000 MW) nuclear reactors in trial operation was shut down due to technical issues, a week…

Fukushima DOE Maps

Japan admits another case of withholding reliable and important information from the public

The Japanese government released a new report this week which blasts the response to the 2011 Fukushima disaster.  It says that the tsunami estimates were well below the bounds of realistic expectation, the…

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