Polls show massive opposition to restarting San Onofre nuclear reactors

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This week, the LA Times released a poll which asked readers their opinions of the San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station and the possibility of restarting Units 2 and 3 after being shut down due to unforeseen degradation of key safety equipment.

The poll asked; “What should be done about the San Onofre nuclear power plants?”, and offered readers four main options, keep them shut down, permanently, reopen them only if Mitsubishi pays for the needed repairs, reopen them regardless of the cost, but shut them down in 2022, reopen them and seek a new license to keep them running until 2042.

Over 85% of the voters responded they would rather see the reactors permanently decommissioned, and no other option was able to attract 10% of the voters opinion.

Source: LA Times

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