Problems halt OPR-1000 trial operations at South Korea’s Shin Wolsong 1

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Korea Hydro &  Nuclear Power Company have confirmed that one of the new OPR-1000 (Optimized Power Reactor 1000 MW) nuclear reactors in trial operation was shut down due to technical issues, a week after resuming operations following a stoppage due to flaws in the coolant pumps discovered in March.

Officials say workers are still attempting to determine the exact cause of the stoppage, and there has been speculation that it could delay the July date set for the reactor to power up for regular operations.

OPR-1000 is a rebranded version of the Korean Standard Nuclear Power Plant (KSNP)/KSNP+ design, based on technology from South Korea’s original eight pressurized light water reactors (PWR).   With a capacity of one million kilowatts, the Shin Wolseong 1 is a pressurized heavy water reactor with designs based on the OPR-1000 technology.

The units are targeted for export to Asian markets, and specifically Vietnam and Indonesia.

Shin Wolsong-1and -2 are two of six OPR-1000 reactors currently under construction in South Korea.

Permits for the construction of Shin Wolsong-1 were authorized by the government in 2005, and concrete was poured in December 2007. Commercial operations are expected to commence in July 2012.

Source: Korea Herald

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