United States donates over $100,000 of radiation detection equipment to Jordan

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The United States donated 35 personal radiation detectors to Jordan valued altogether at nearly $106,000 on Sunday.

Jordan and United States considering expanding nuclear markets

U.S. has been holding diplomatic talks with Jordan to open its markets to American suppliers. Last January U.S. State Department officials dropped objections to Jordan building uranium enrichment facilities as a pre-condition for a 1-2-3 Agreement under the Atomic Energy Act.

Khaled Toukan, head of Jordan’s Atomic Energy Commission (JAEC) praised the change in U.S. policy.

Touqan has been facing severe criticism in Jordan, where he is accused of calling the tribal leaders and other opponents of the country’s ambitious nuclear program “donkeys” and “garbage collectors.”

In the beginning of June, a  parliamentary committee released a report revealing that the embattled commissioner misled the public about the feasibility of uranium mining in Jordan and that the Commission was “hiding facts” about the cost of a nuclear reactor.

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Source: Green Prophet

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