Google complains about hesitation over disclosing disaster data

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At a conference in quake-prone Japan, Rachel Whetstone, Google’s senior vice president of public policy and communications, said some countries hesitate over disclosing data.

She said this prevents civil society from creating new services to help citizens in need, and urged governments to get better at sharing information to allow citizens and first responders to make better use of the Internet during natural disasters.

Engineers at the Google event also complained how Japan initially released radiation contamination data in PDF format, making it difficult for scientists around the world to easily edit and analyze them.  “Scientists were very eager to attack this data if it could be organized,” Brian McClendon, Google vice president of technology.

Margareta Wahlstrom, UN special representative for disaster risk reduction said,  “There is enormous work to do with the users — communities, individuals, organizations, local governments — about how to apply this data, and what to do with the knowledge actually at their fingertips today.”

Source: FoxNews DC

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