Government report on Fukushima likely to be critical of TEPCO

A government panel investigating the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident will issue its final report next week.  The Yomiuri Shimbun obtained a preview of the outline of the report, which is scheduled to be released July 23rd.

The panel’s report will conclude that it has been unable to specify the details of how the radioactive release occurred because the panel’s on-site investigation and time were limited.

The report draws comparisons between response efforts by workers at Fukushima Number 1 (Daiichi) and Fukushima 2 (Daini), and questions the adequacy of the workers response at Fukushima Daiichi.

“The No. 2 plant almost suffered the same fate as No. 1,” plant chief Naohiro Masuda has recalled.

“The No. 1 plant’s initial responses were less adequate than those by the No. 2 plant, regardless of the fact they faced different situations–such as whether external power supply was available,” the final report is set to conclude

Workers at Fukushima Daiichi manually shut down the emergency cooling system for Reactor 3 early March 13th, and failed to secure an alternative way to inject water for more than six hours.

The report will show that SPEEDI predicted in the afternoon of March 15th last year that radioactive elements over 300 microsieverts per hour would spread inland toward the west and northwest. Residents were fleeing in those directions on that day.

The report will acknowledge that people could have avoided unnecessary exposure to radiation if the government had used SPEEDI predictions in planning evacuations, and if residents had been ordered to stay inside on March 15th and seek refuge on the following day.

Source: The Yomiuri Shimbun

Source: NHK

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