In-Focus Japan: High radiation levels prevent debris disposal – Fukushima maritime no-entry zone shrunk

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4 out of 5 candidates for new nuclear safety regulator received funds from nuclear industry

Shunichi Tanaka, candidate to be the chairman of the new Japanese Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and 3 other candidates have been found to have received funds from various nuclear-related organizations and companies, fueling debates that they are more associated with the “nuclear village” than officials want to admit.

Source: Tokyo Web

Japan to shrink Fukushima maritime no-entry zone

The government’s nuclear disaster task force decided at Tuesday’s meeting, that radiation levels in the waters around the crippled Fukushima Daiichi plant have lowered enough to vindicate a decrease of the restricted zone from the current 20-kilometer radius to 5 kilometers.

Source: NHK

Japanese government receives 75% of TEPCO voting rights

TEPCO has received a one trillion yen (13 billion dollars) in government funds and in exchange issued preferred stocks to the government.  The capital injection is supposed to help the firm pay the massive cost of compensating victims of the nuclear accident and scrapping crippled reactors.

“We feel sorry and take very seriously that the public was asked to bear a further burden,” Tepco President Hirose Naomi said in a statement.

Source: The Japan Times

Source: NHK

High radiation levels prevent debris disposal in Fukushima

High radiation levels measured in rubble and debris from the March 11th disaster last year have spurred strong public outcry against the central government and pushed back plans to construct facilities with which to incinerate the debris.

Source: NHK

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