March 15th, 2011 – Japan asks DOE for iodine tablets

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Kaieda. Key points from the conversation:
Minister Kaieda thanked Sec. Chu for support, updated him on reactors

* FD #1 and #3 are regaining stability
* FD #2 may have damageto the separation chamber, attempting to stop it from escalating
* Outside of 20KM, radiation levels have dropped to a level that would have a small to negligible impact on health.

The Secretary offered equipment / people /expertise, and expressed support

Minister Kaieda:
* Thanked Si for US Fire trucks
* Said METI will meet with USG experts tomorrow
* Accepted our offer to use aerial and vehicle/ground based measurement equipment
* Asked for specifications and numbers on what equipment was available
* Asked if we could share iodine tablets with GOJ

S1 indicated he would provide that information.

NSC Deputies were informed of this conversation this morning, possibly after you had left the conference. We are working on meeting Kaieda’s requests. You may want to confirm Japan’s acceptance of our offer with the Cabinet Secretariat, as we will need Japanese points of contact at the operational level. Please note that our hope is to deploy DOE technical experts to take data and operate measuring equipment from helicopter and/or ground platforms, not simply to give instruments to the Japanese.

Please feel free to contact DOE through our Tokyo staff, directly to Deputy Secretary Poneman or through our Operations Center at 202 586-8100.

Steve Aoki
Pages From C142759-02A –7 Asked if We Could Share Iodine Tablets With GOJ

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