March 16th, 2011 – No matter what, it is vital that everyone stays on same page regarding the facts, even as the situation worsens in Japan

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Subject: NICCL Call at 10:30am (eastern) Japanese reactor

Federal communicators,

Please join a NICCL call at 10:30am to discuss your department’s messaging role for the ongoing crisis in Japan.

We would like to focus our discussion on public events and opportunities taking place today, communications on Federal radiation monitoring, food, water, public health etc.

We will also plan to conduct a SICCL call this afternoon with Pacific Territorial communicators and western PlOs.

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Subject: RE: NICCL Call at 10:30am (eastern) Japanese reactor
Please make sure to get on this call as there seems to be some confusion over what folks can or should be doing.

No matter what, it is vital that everyone stays on same page regarding the facts, even as the situation worsens in Japan, the experts assure us that and I quote the NRC, “You just aren’t going to have any radiological material that, by the time it traveled those large distances, could present any risk to the American public.”

So that means, we should continue to talk about the many ways we are assisting the Japanese and the American citizens in Japan. DOE, NRC, HHS, DOD and State are all doing a great deal IN JAPAN and should continue to make sure folks know that.

We should also talk about the steps we are taking here at home.

The US Government will be studying every aspect of the Japanese disaster and the Japanese government’s response, with the goal of learning as much as possible from that review.

The experts tell us that they see no harmful doses of radiation heading here but the EPA has radiological monitoring set up along the west coast and deploying to the US territories and that monitoring is public for all to see and will remain that way.

USDA and NOAA are working on plans to ensure that any food coming from Japan is unaffected and safe.

HHS and FEMA should be talking about how we have fantastic disaster preparedness plans in place here and they are exercised thoroughly with the rest of the federal government and with state and local officials.

It is good for HHS and FEMA to say if there were a nuclear accident here, this is how we would respond and then walk press through that, but it is important to make sure that while doing this, it needs to be made clear that press understand we are talking about a hypothetical nuclear accident here, not any concerns whatsoever coming from Japan disaster to the US.

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