March 18th, 2011 – NRC experts worried ground contamination and shine dose from steam plumes after water injection to SFP

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From: Hoc, PMT12
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 1:17 AM
To: LUA08 Hoc
Subject: Personnel protection strategies for SFP water delivery

Tom, information attached. FYI, we are watching live video of the water cannons spraying now on HNK.

1) Distance strategies:
– If this can be done remotely, especially for the initial injection, then that may be preferable. It is possible that the steam plume on the initial injection will become a substantial shine dose source, and dose rates will change quickly and significantly. Crews may be able to set up the equipment, then withdraw before water is injected.
– We are assuming that this activity will be set up on the west side of the site. We believe this is currently upwind, and wind should be blowing offshore (from the west) until Sunday morning their time.
2) Time strategies:
– If operations need to be manned continually, then pre-planned shuffling of personnel should be in place.
3) Shielding strategies:
– Respiratory protection and waterproofing should be in place.
– Might consider dose from the ground as a significant contributor, especially very close to the site. It might be possible to lay thick metal plates to provide some shielding, dependent on the difference between theground and general dose rates.
Pages From C142759-02A –23 Personnel Protection Strategies for SFP Water Delivery

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