March 28th, 2011 – The consensus view on the recommendation of not flooding the drywell – Units 2 and 3 are well vented already due to failed containments

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Date: Tuesday, March 29, 2011 4:43:39 PM

Agree, the two issues steam condensing causing h2 explosive mixture and and loss of the vent path are both in the RST document: inert by purging and vent; don’t fill beyond the vent.

The issue is without level indication you may lose the vent. That factors into the thought on how we know we are inerting then filling. That to me is something we’re looking at, but to not fill at all isn’t the answer.

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Am I missing something here? Which units? All of them? Units 2 and 3 are well vented already due to the failed containments and our recommendation document recommends inerting first which is what the Japanese are making preparations to do.

We are certainly interested to hear where this goes. I presume we will here where this comes out at the 6pm EDT call.

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