Oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States experiences loss of offsite power

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The first large-scale commercial nuclear power plant in the United States operated by Exelon, the 636 MWe GE BWR unit first came online on December 1st, 1969, making it the oldest operating nuclear power plant in the United States.

Just before 03:30 am this morning, Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Station (60 miles east of Philadelphia, PA, and 30 miles from Atlantic City, NJ),experienced a loss of offsite power, and a full reactor scram.

Unusual Event due to loss of offsite AC power to 4160V buses 1C and 1D for greater than 15 minutes. The cause of the loss of offsite power is currently under investigation by JCP&L.

Both Emergency Diesel Generators automatically started and are carrying loads on the safety buses. The unit is in Hot Shutdown mode with decay heat removal via the Isolation Condenser.

Officials believe the loss of power resulted from a ground of a high-voltage line that provides off-site power to the nuclear power plant.

Source: NRC Event Reports

Source: ABC 27

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