In-Focus Japan: Disease-related deaths soar in disaster affected prefecture – Experts warn Japanese government majority of citizens want to abandon nuclear power

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Disease-related deaths in Miyagi Prefecture soars after March 11th disaster

A study by Tohoku University lead by Professor Hiroaki Shimokawa showed that the number of cases of heart failure, stroke, pneumonia, and cardiac arrest surged after the March 11th disaster, and the study says the increase is attributed to disaster-related stress and use of water polluted by the tsunami.

Source: Daily Yomiuri

Panel of experts say Japanese Government should review energy policy

A panel of experts has warned the central government the majority of citizens have expressed their wish to abandon nuclear power, and urges the government to review the energy policies.

“People who wish for an abolishment of nuclear plants made up a majority,” National Policy Minister Motohisa Furukawa said after the panel’s meeting. “We take the public opinion seriously and will draw up an energy strategy responsibly.”

The panel also explained the critical need for continuing nationwide discussions about the future energy policy.  The experts warn that public opinion shows a growing mistrust of officials decision-making and nuclear safety.

Source: The Japan Times

Source: JiJi Press

Source: NHK

Source: Reuters

Nobel-winning group calls on 1 mSv limit per year for children and pregnant women in Japan

Source: JiJi Press

Japan to place underwater tsunami sensors

Source: NHK

Censure motion passed against Prime Minister Noda

Upper House officials have passed a censure motion against Japan’s Prime Minister, saying that Noda is incapable of handling the nations’ affairs, and has ignored the voices of the Japanese people.  The motion is not legally binding like the no-confidence motion, and Prime Minister Noda is expected to ignore the motion, but it still indicates the divisions in the central government.

This is the third censure motion in the last four years in Japan, previous Former Prime Minister Fukuda and Former Prime Minister Aso were also subjects of motions.

Source: The Japan Times

Source: JiJi Press

Source: NHK

Softbank and Mitsui to build solar power plant in western Japan

Source: NHK


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