In-Focus Japan: Fukushima farmers continue decontamination of pasture grass – Japan to revise disaster food-security guidelines

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Fukushima farmers continuing decontamination work

Livestock farmers in Fukushima Prefecture have been working to decontaminate the land used for pasture, in an attempt to resume the use of pasture grass for cattle next year.  After the Fukushima nuclear disaster spread radioactive materials across the island nation, farmers had voluntarily restricted the use of pasture grass as a food supply.

The decontamination work is focused on turning the soil, and mixing in zeolite.

There is no promise that the decontamination process will work, leaving many farmers anxious.

Source: NHK

Fukushima Prefecture Governor asks for German renewable energy investment

While in Dusseldorf Germany to promote investment into renewable energy projects, Fukushima Prefecture Governor Yuhei Sato also investigated a decommissioned nuclear power plant and was informed of the decommissioning process and the difficulties encountered by German engineers.

Source: RTT News

Source: NHK

Japan to revise disaster food-security guidelines

After last years’ March 11th disaster, survivors and evacuees had difficulty in obtaining food and water, leading the national government to adopt new guidelines to create backup distribution networks.

Source: NHK

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